Source: Manitowoc County Tea Party Movement

Have you asked yourself what can I do to secure our elections? Well, here are 10 things you can do.

1.      Be on the lookout for any illegal/questionable election activity.

2.      If you see something, put your clerk on notice.

3.     THEN File a complaint, judgment, or start a criminal investigation of that illegal/questionable election activity.

4.      To file a complaint with the Wisconsin Election Commission 

5.      To file a judgment

6.      For Criminal Activity or if you go to the polls on election day and they say you have already voted, call your County Sheriff (in Manitowoc County, (920) 683-4200) to report the incident. Do not leave the poll until an officer completes an investigation.

7.      When filling out an absentee ballot, use blue ink only.

8.      Petition your municipality if under 7,500 persons to get rid of electronic voting machines. Petition and Signature Page for Petition

9.      Push legislation to get – One day elections with 2 forms of ID, paper ballots, and hand counts only. 

10. Wisconsin Family Council – take the following information to church

a.      Honor God with your vote

b.      Printable WI Voter Information PDF

c.       WFC at 888-378-7395 or email Diane at   [email protected] 

11. The City of Madison has refused to remove their illegal drop boxes from their communities and has instead turned them into left leaning political propaganda. Everyday citizens in the Madison area must pass by these monuments and be reminded of the illegal actions the City of Madison committed during the 2020 election. Please sign the following petition to have Madison officials remove these historical monuments of election fraud and corruption.

Source: Manitowoc County Tea Party Movement

What Can I Do to Secure Our Elections?