Wisconsin State Reps. Nate Gustafson and Joy Goeben, and Wisconsin State Sens. Andre Jacque and Eric Wimberger, participated in the 17th Legislator Town Hall.

17th Legislator Town Hall

Wisconsin State Reps. Nate Gustafson and Joy Goeben, and Wisconsin State Sens. Andre Jacque and Eric Wimberger, participated in the 17th Legislator Town Hall, held at the Lawrence Town Hall on Saturday, September 23.

Click here for photos ... and a written report will be posted there soon!

Call to Action!

On April 14 the Wisconsin state legislature introduced Bill 175 and sent it to the Committee on Health and Aging. This bill amends our current abortion law to include exceptions for rape and incest. Bill 175 is linked here. The current state law on abortion can be found in Chapter 940 of the state statutes, section 940.04 The full text of Chapter 940 is linked here.

Please take action on this important issue!

  1. Call your state representative and senator; an interactive map showing districts and the elected officials' contact information can be found here.
  2. Call Rep. Clint Moses (Assembly District 29 | R - Menomonie), who is chair of the Committee on Health and Aging. His Madison offices numbers are (608) 237-9129 or toll-free (888) 529-0029.

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