10 Ways You Can Help Ensure Voting Integrity

Election Integrity in Wisconsin

The statewide voter registration list maintained by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) includes 7,498,167 voters. But according to the 2020 United States Census, there are only 4,612,300 adults living in Wisconsin. This means that there are 2,885,867 more voters on the WEC’s registration list, than there are people of voting age living in Wisconsin.

How did this happen? Read more here.

Why would a librarian care about the content of the materials in her library if she knows she need not fear prosecution for what she puts on the shelves?

Help Get a Hearing on These Bills!

Under current law, it is a crime to import, print, sell, possess for sale, publish, exhibit, play, or distribute any obscene material; to a person under the age of 18 years; or to possess with intent to distribute, exhibit, or play to a person under the age of 18 years any obscene material. However, school and public library employees are exempt from prosecution! Assembly Bill 308 removes that exemption, thus holding librarians responsible for the content in their libraries. Assembly Bill 309 prohibits schools from using common school funds to purchase obscene materials.

We believe these are crucial bills to help stop the dissemination of materials in libraries that are not suitable for children. Why would a librarian care about the content of the materials in her library if she knows she need not fear prosecution for what she puts on the shelves?

These two bills have been assigned to the Assembly Committee on Education. Unfortunately, they have not been scheduled for a hearing. Would you be willing to send a quick email or make a phone call to the office of the Education Committee Chairman? Perhaps if enough voters request him to take up the bill in committee, he will do so. You can reach the committee chairman here:

Representative Joel Kitchens
email: [email protected].gov
phone: (608) 237-9101

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