The Wisconsin Conservative Coalition (WCC) is a non-partisan association of three Northeast Wisconsin conservative groups: Fox Valley Initiative, Northeast Wisconsin Patriots, and Wolf River Area Patriots. Its mission is to help bring about an educated, constitutional, and conservative electorate and culture in Wisconsin.


We believe:

  • The Constitution means what it says and is not a "living document."
  • The Constitution can be changed only by the methods described in the Constitution, as has been done 27 times in the past.
  • The federal government has limited, defined responsibilities and powers. All powers not enumerated in the Constitution are reserved for the states or the people.

We fulfill our mission by hosting events, compiling scorecards on elected officials in Northeast Wisconsin, educating voters about why and how to vote, and helping to coordinate and promote the work of our member organizations. See our website for a calendar of upcoming events, scorecards prepared by WCC as well as other conservative groups, and links to voter information, allies, and research and commentary on important issues.

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