Listed below are the names and websites for 40 national nonprofit organizations that are reliable allies for the freedom movement. For more information about these groups, click here.

American Enterprise Institute
American Family Association
Americans for Prosperity – National
American Majority
American Policy Center
America’s Frontline Doctors
Article III Project
Atlas Society
BEST Project
Cato Institute
CFACT – Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow
Children’s Health Defense
Citizens Council for Health Freedom
Claremont Institute
College Libertarians
College Republicans -National Committee  
College Republicans  –United
Committee to Unleash Prosperity
Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation
Family Research Council
Federalist Society
Heritage Foundation/ Heritage Action
Hoover Institution
Independent Institute
John Birch Society
Judicial Watch
Leadership Institute
Liberty Justice Center
Moms for America
Moms for Liberty
National Rifle Association
Noah Webster Educational Foundation
Parents Defending Education
Parents Rights in Education
Prager U
Project Veritas
Reason Foundation
Save Our Elections
Stand Together [Chamber of Commerce, Inc.]
Students for Liberty
Thomas More Society
Turning Point USA