Go to legis.wisconsin.gov and scroll down to the “Law and Legislation” section on the left side of the screen. Enter a description of the proposal or number of the bill you want to access, then click on “Find Proposal.” On the next page click on the link to the bill you entered. You may then view the text of the bill by clicking on “Bill Text” under “Links.” 

For example, to access Senate Bill 1 in the 2021 Regular Session, type SB 1 in the search box under “Law and Legislation.” Click “Find Proposal” and then select “2021 Senate Bill 1.” Click on “Bill Text” and the bill will be displayed. To print the bill, press CTRL+ P and then “Print.”

From the “RSS Feeds” link in the “Law and Legislation” section, you can subscribe to updates, receive up-to-the-minute information, and build your own custom news feeds from multiple sources. In this way you can track proposals that have been introduced, committee actions that have been taken, and more.