Nearly 30 nonprofit organizations operate in Wisconsin to promote individual liberty and limited government. To learn more about these organizations, click here.

Americans for Prosperity – Wisconsin
American Majority – Wisconsin
Brown County Taxpayers
College Republicans – Wisconsin
Empower Wisconsin
Fox Valley
Freedom Project Academy
H.O.T. [Honest, Open, Transparent] Wisconsin
Institute for Reforming Government (IRG)
Kimberly Parents for Optional Masks for 21-22  
Lucy Burns Institute
MacIver Institute
Manitowoc County Constitutional Caucus
Parents Rights in Education – Wisconsin
Pro-Life Wisconsin
Recipes for Freedom
Rise Up Wisconsin
School Choice Wisconsin
The Media Accountability Project
Wisconsin Election Integrity
Wisconsin Conservative
Wisconsin Family Action
Wisconsin Family Council
Wisconsin Firearm Owners
Wisconsin Forum
Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL)
Wisconsin Right to Life
Wisconsin Voter Alliance
WisRed PAC
Wisconsin United for Freedom
Wolf River Area Patriots
Bold = organizations that have pages on the Toolbox website.