The internet makes contacting elected officials easier than ever! There are several ways to choose from.

The two directories linked here contain email addresses, phone numbers for Washington, DC and Madison offices and sometimes for district offices, and mailing addresses for offices in Madison and Washington, DC.

Most elected officials have websites or Facebook pages that give the addresses of their district offices. Addresses and phone numbers for the district offices of Republican state office holders can often be found on the websites of County Republican Parties. See the link to the Republican Party under the “Reliable Allies” tab or click here.

FreedomWorks has an “action center” on its website that determines who represents you, finds their email address, and sends your message. Click here:

Heritage Action’s website makes it easy for you to call your U.S. Senators or member of Congress and leave a message. Click here:

You may also call your local public library, city, or town hall for the names of your legislators, and then refer to the two free directories or your county Republican Party office for contact information.