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Tyler Harris, Executive Director
Mat Thexton, External Relations
David Aitken, State Affiliate Projects
The Libertarian Party is the largest third political party in the U.S., regularly getting its presidential candidates on the ticket in all 50 states. In 2020, its presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen received over 38,000 votes in Wisconsin, more than Joe Biden’s alleged margin of victory. Nationally she finished third in the popular vote with about 1.9 million votes, 1.2% of the national total. Gary Johnson, the party’s 2016 candidate for president, won 3.3% of the vote, totaling nearly 4.5 million, marking the most successful third-party candidacy since Ross Perot in 1996.  

The LP stands for “more freedom and less government.” Its platform calls for major reductions in the size and cost of government in every area. See   From the national party’s website: “Libertarians strongly oppose any government interference in your personal, family, and business decisions. Essentially, we believe all Americans should be free to live their lives and pursue their interests as they see fit as long as they do no harm to another.”  

Go to to direct an email to LP staff and it will be directed to the right staffer. Make checks payable to the Libertarian National Committee, Inc., taxpayer ID #52-1170810.
Libertarian Party – Wisconsin  

Mike Hammond
Marketing & Membership Committee Chair
[email protected]

Kevin Litten
Editor in Chief
[email protected]

Chair: Jacob VandenPlas
[email protected]

Vice Chair : Neil Harmon
[email protected]

Treasurer: Anna Bughman
[email protected]

Secretary: Michael Chianese
 [email protected]

At-Large #1: Joseph Ecklund
[email protected]

At-Large #2: Jason Kuks
[email protected]

Past Chair: Matt Bughman
[email protected]  

Jacob John Vandenplas
LP candidate for Congress
6418 Vignes Rd
Sturgeon Bay, WI
(920) 604-4074 [email protected]
From the state party’s website: “The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin will be the leader in our state’s Liberty Movement. Our goal is nothing more nor less than a world set free in our lifetime.” In 2002 Ed Thompson, brother of Tommy Thompson and the Mayor of Tomah, Wisconsin, ran for Governor of Wisconsin, garnering over 10% of the vote.   The state LP has been getting its act together in recent years. It produces The LP Wire, a monthly e-newsletter. It has an event page that promoted two events on the day I visited it (2/2/0/2022), one of them hosted by a different group. Its 2022 state convention will be held in Green Bay April 29-May 1.

The website identifies several elected libertarians in WI, none in partisan elections:

Brian Defferding, Winnebago County Board District 6
Brit Grimmer, Iowa County Supervisor, District 11
Dave Ripp, Dane County Board of Supervisors, District 29
Joe Prohaska, Appleton City Council District 14
Mark Hepfinger, Cottage Grove Municipal Court Judge

In addition to the contacts listed to the left, the website identifies these Congressional District Representatives:

District 1: Thomas Leary – [email protected]

District 2: Phil Anderson – [email protected]
Alt 2: Lucas Mueller – [email protected]  

District 3: Rand Dickson – [email protected]
Alt 3: Scott Noble – [email protected]  

District 4: Kristin Walker – [email protected]
Alt 4: Meghan Wisner – [email protected]  

District 5: Jeff Kortsch – [email protected]

District 6: David Grover – [email protected]
Alt 6: Michael Schisel – [email protected]  

District 7: Michael Conard – [email protected]

District 8: Mike Hammond  – [email protected]
Alt 8: Jake Boldig –  [email protected]