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On September 12, 2022 and again on December 10, 2022, approximately a dozen leaders of patriot groups in Wisconsin gathered in Black River Falls (pictured at right) to discuss ways to work more closely together to increase their effectiveness, share ideas, and hold elected officials accountable. At the December meeting, the Liberty Alliance of Wisconsin (LAW) was formally established, officers elected, and the first dozen groups agreed to join.
LAW does not take positions on issues, endorse or provide financial support to candidates, or endorse the use of violence to achieve social or political ends. The opinions and statements expressed by member organizations do not necessarily reflect those of LAW or approval by LAW.
LAW is a new organization. For now, the website mainly provides a directory of member organizations, a calendar, and contact information. We expect LAW's membership to grow quickly in the coming months and for this website to provide more information about member groups and their efforts, calls for action, as well as research and commentary on the important issues facing voters in Wisconsin.


To become the hub of a statewide network of patriotic organizations based in Wisconsin and devoted to supporting and defending the Wisconsin and U.S. Constitutions, in order to restore freedom and the rule of law.


To identify patriotic groups in Wisconsin, invite them to join our network, and share ideas to increase the impact of network members, restore election integrity, and protect the sanctity of life.

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