First, make sure you’re registered to vote! Click here to learn how.

Then, prepare yourself to vote meaningfully! Go to and enter your address. It will find your polling place and the hours it will be open. It will produce a map you can print out.

At the same site, choose “What’s On My Ballot” to find who is running for elected offices in your area. The site will generate a sample ballot that you can print out and use to research the candidates and record notes (such as endorsements). Bring the printout with you to the polling place and into the voting booth to remind you of whom to vote for.

Have you asked yourself what can I do to secure our elections? Well, here are 10 things you can do.

The 2020 and 2022 elections in Wisconsin were marked by widespread election fraud. Many Wisconsinites believe election results would have been different were it not for illegal voting practices tolerated and sometimes facilitated by state and local politicians and election officials. Here are ten things you can do.

1. Become a poll watcher, a poll worker, or a special voting deputy . The Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox website has descriptions of each of these roles and instructions on how to sign up.

2. Be on the lookout for any illegal/questionable election activity.

3. If you see something, put your clerk on notice.

4. To file a complaint with the Wisconsin Election Commission, go to

5. If you observe criminal activity, call the County Sheriff to report the incident. Do not leave the polling place until an officer completes an investigation.

6. When filling out an absentee ballot, use blue ink only.

7. If the population of your municipality is less than 7,500, petition your mayor and local assembly to get rid of electronic voting machines. Petition and Signature Page for Petition.

8. Ask your elected officials to support legislation requiring one-day elections, to require two forms of identification, paper ballots, and hand counts only.

9. Share this information from the Wisconsin Family Council with your pastor and fellow church members:

10. Sign this petition asking Madison officials to remove illegal ballot drop boxes.

Source: Manitowoc County Tea Party Movement