By Steve Paske | May 22, 2024

As I look back over the past three  years and consider the profound changes the world has undergone in such a very short period of time I am absolutely astonished. Yes, I know many of the seeds were sown long before, but the speed with which the roots have grown and the depth to which they have plunged are unprecedented.

Anyone that knows gardening knows that a lack of rainfall causes a plant’s roots to grow deep in search of water. This makes the plant firmly grounded and stronger than it otherwise would have been. Today’s societal ills have deep roots because the rain of truth has been in short supply. I blame that on Judge Judy and Jerry Springer. Actually that should be Jerry Springer then Judge Judy. Springer’s show first aired in 1991 and Judge Judy’s followed in 1996.

Think about it. America was just coming off of the Reagan Presidency (‘80 – ‘88 ) in 1991 after the Gipper put the wheels back on the U.S. economy, made it cool to be in the Military again, and brought Communism to its knees. American Pride was at a height unseen since the end of WWII. Then comes Jerry Springer. The Jerry Springer show, which I never watched, was about voyeurism. From the comfort of your own couch and without stigma you could watch and listen to other people’s real world problems, often containing salacious content and more often ending up in some sort of on-camera altercation. This was so much better than a scripted soap opera with professional actors.

No doubt Springer’s success was the catalyst for Judge Judy. The show had the same script as the Springer show, but with the appearance of the circus side-show taking place in a court of law. With Jerry and Judy anyone could tune in and watch real people share their dirty laundry on the air, but without the threat of being seen. Watching from your hiding spot you witnessed the ugly underbelly of humanity without getting any mud, or worse, on your clothes. You could offer your opinion, curse with contempt or commiserate, all with impunity. Then came the Internet.

The Internet multiplied the voyeuristic opportunities for Americans who were living the good life and getting softer and softer both physically and mentally with each minute of screen time. Weekly magazines no longer had to be waited for at the mailbox. Online content had everything. World news, news out of Hollywood, Sports news and on and on. Some folks will say the Internet made the world a smaller place. I think it made it bigger. It made it bigger by creating a divide between people. We have learned not to talk to our neighbors, not to talk with strangers in public. Kids today have never been more socially awkward. And there are far too many couches in parents’ basements with 20-something-aged overweight men spending their days playing video games.

Yes, we have devolved into a society of strangers that like to look at the world from afar and pontificate on social media about what they would do to fix King Charles’ attitude about global warming, or how they would love to shove a pie in Klaus Schwab’s pie hole. And I dare not go near Israel and Gaza. It’s like fantasy football, only worse, it’s fantasy life, and it’s threatening our real one.

There once was a time in America when the world’s biggest problems were always “over there.” America was safe from invasion because of the vast oceans separating us from most of the world. And even if they did think of invading they surely would reconsider, as Japan did in WWII, out of fear of American’s who embrace their 2nd amendment rights. Yes we could look down our nose for the most part and tsk-tsk the rest of the world, wag our finger and say “Well, if that happened here, let me tell you just what I’d do!” This golden age in America has passed.

We have “refugees” and Illegals being deliberately imported into our country by the current White House administration. Other predominantly white countries in Europe, as well as England are experiencing the same thing. This is not a coincidence. When real immigrants come to a country looking for a better life they bring their family members with them. We are seeing an alarming number of single men. The disproportionate number of war-fighting aged males in the masses of people coming across the southern border should terrify you. I’ve heard that as many as 50,000 Chinese Nationals are among the most recent illegals to enter. So many are coming across the border near San Diego, CA that there are no other nationalities coming across at that location.

The U.N. has a plan, along with W.E.F. and W.H.O. to depopulate the planet and strictly control the remaining population with digital I.D.s, social credit scores, vaccine passports, digital currencies and 15-minute cities.  The fighting-aged men coming across could well be U.N. soldiers being prepositioned to enforce martial law when the powers that be fan bird flu hysteria to levels that allow them to proclaim the need for it. The November election could even be canceled because “it’s not safe to vote” leaving Nobody-Home-Joe still filing his Depends in the Oval Office. Sound too “far-fetched”?

The Sauk County Board is chaired by a die-hard RINO and member of RPW. RPW held their state convention this past weekend in Appleton. It was poorly attended, there were no Trump signs and no mention of his name during the program. Some candidates for the U.S. Senate were not allowed to speak because they did not receive the party’s endorsement. Part of the requirements for a candidate to receive the party’s endorsement is to be able to raise a million dollars for their campaign. RPW hails itself as being grassroots driven, yet it ignores the grassroots voice over and over and over again. RPW is a controlled party. It is controlled by Big Money interests and they pull all of the strings. And the Sauk County Board Chair is one of its sycophants.

If you zoom out and consider the illegal immigrant issue from a Washington D.C. perspective, surely someone there knows the Constitution and is familiar with Article IV section 4. Why aren’t they doing anything? Our governor was recently a guest at the White House that’s responsible for the border mess, why isn’t he doing anything? Is he not aware of State Statute 1.01? And now, zoomed back in at the County level, surely someone on the County Board is familiar with State Statute 59.03? Or are those on the political inside aware of what the plan is and facilitating it? Surely this isn’t just willful ignorance?

This isn’t “across the pond”, this is right here in Sauk County. And sooner or later, as happened in Whitewater last fall, illegals will start showing up here. In Denver, Colorado the government is “giving” them free rent for 6 months, healthcare and a food stipend. These are hard working people’s tax dollars they’re giving away. Of the people in the country illegally, many do not like America and are here to contribute to its demise. Chicago has had an outbreak of measles this year due to its large population of illegals. The health, safety and financial burdens of illegals are unbearable for We the People taxpayers.

America is generous and welcoming. But America, in order to remain a nation, has to have a common language, secure borders, and its own currency. And live by the U.S. and state Constitutions. These are non-negotiable requirements. There is a right way and wrong way to come to this country, and if people come the wrong way we need to resolve to send them back.

We. You and I must be resolved to do our part to keep the rule of law alive here in Sauk County. If we take care of Sauk County, and the other 3146 counties or county-equivalents do the same, then we restore America. If we fail here, we fail as a nation. We need to speak truth. Truth about what removing God from our government and schools has done and truth about where the Constitution fits in our judicial system. Truth about election integrity, truth about the tragedies that the COVID shot has caused and continues to cause. Truth about the costs of ushering in illegals and those that want to destroy us.

This isn’t a Jerry Springer or Judge Judy episode, or Social Media. We can no longer sit back in our easychair and watch. This requires us to get our hands dirty and not care about what others think; to act with that uniquely American Spirit within us, to be a Patriot and exercise Virtue, Vigilance, and Valor, if we do that, we will win the day. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. Let truth rain down on those that are trying to deceive and destroy us.

Damn Judge Judy, Jerry Springer and the Internet