Since February, the taxpayer-funded, county-owned and -operated Neville Public Museum in Green Bay has been hosting a “Telling Our Stories” exhibit that highlights “LGBTQ+ Stories of Northeast Wisconsin.” The exhibit will run through November.

As you will see from photos posted below, the exhibit is completely inappropriate for children.

The museum has partnered with LGBTQ+ organizations on the UW-Green Bay campus to provide regularly scheduled youth activities and classroom field trips to this exhibit, which appears to be aimed at promoting LGBTQA+ lifestyles and grooming our children.

The exhibit takes up fully half of the second floor of the museum. We doubt the museum would consider devoting equal time, effort, and resources to an exhibit supporting pro-life or other Christian causes.

We encourage all Patriots to protest this inappropriate and offensive use of YOUR Brown County tax dollars!

1.   BOYCOTT the Neville Public Museum … and call them at 920-448-4460to explain why.

2.  CALL your county board member.

3.  Call Troy Streckenbach, the elected Brown County executive, at 920-448-4001.

4. Call members of the Neville Public Museum Foundation!

When you call, insist that:

  • the Neville Museum’s LGBTQ+ exhibit is not an acceptable exhibit for children; and
  • children should be permitted to view this exhibit only if accompanied by a parent or guardian (not a teacher!).

Call your Brown County Board member TODAY!

District 1 – Ron Antonneau – (920) 621-7899

District 2 – Thomas DeWane – (920) 609-1073

District 3 – Andy Nicholson – (920) 366-5283

District 4 – Emily Jacobson – (920) 288-2602

District 5 – Dan Theno – (920) 857-9832

District 6 – Kathy Lefebvre – (920) 468-6191

District 7 – Tom Friberg – (920) 713-8829

District 8 – Megan Borchardt – (920) 393-8842

District 9 – Patrick Evans – (920) 494-5224

District 10 – John Vander Leest – (920) 499-0996

District 11 – Patrick Buckley (chair) – 920-965-6501

District 12 – Kevin Gannon – (920) 309-0616

District 13 – Norbert Dantinne, Jr. – (920) 863-6323

District 14 – Nicholas Dagneau – (920) 857-4839

District 15 – Salvador Sierra no phone number online

District 16 – Dave Kaster (vice chair) – (920) 336-0221

District 17 – John Van Dyck – (920) 336-5328

District 18 – Katie McDonald newly elected

District 19 – Jessica Adams no phone number online

District 20 – Devon Coenen – (920) 371-3981

District 21 – Christopher Zirbel no phone number online

District 22 – Tom Peters – (920) 619-0011

District 23 – Dixon Wolfe newly elected

District 24 – Ross Toellner newly elected

District 25 – Thomas Lund – (920) 544-6116

District 26 – Keith Deneys – (920) 865-1200

Not sure which district you’re in? Go to Enter your name, address, and birth date and click Search, then click “View My Current Elected Officials” at the very bottom of your search results.

Call Folks at the Neville Public Museum Foundation!


Kasha Huntowski, Executive Director, (920) 448-7850 – [email protected]

Kathy Rosera, Office Manager, (920) 448-7847 – [email protected]

Katy Maier, Development and Events Coordinator, (920) 448-7874 – [email protected]

Board of Directors – Officers

Chair: Megan Dickman-Renard (CEO and publisher of The Business News) – [email protected]

Vice Chair: Bridget Erwin (lawyer at Hager, Dewick, and Zuengler) – [email protected]

Secretary: James Ledvina (lawyer at Conway, Olejniczak, and Jerry) – [email protected]

Treasurer: Lonny Charles (CPA with Wipfli) – [email protected]

Past Chair: Todd Bartels (Associated Bank De Pere) – [email protected]

Board of Directors – Members

Matt Adamczyk (former WI State Treasurer, Republican)

Miranda Bonde (certified financial planner) – [email protected]

Juan Corpus (Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, New North Inc.) – [email protected]

Derius “DJ” Daniels (Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs Manager, Schreiber Foods) – [email protected][email protected]

Gail Garrity-Reed (government relations, TPI TPAC)

Abbey Grunwald (former teacher, Green Bay Area Public Schools)

Kathy Hinkfuss (progressive Democrat Green Bay City Council member, District 12) – [email protected]

Travis LeRoy (Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking Manager, Nicolet National Bank) – [email protected]

Tiona Petrouske (insurance agent, State Farm) – [email protected]

Tom Sieber (Democrat, former Brown County Supervisor, ran for State Rep in 88th Assembly District in 2018 – beaten by John Macco) – [email protected]

Justin Spettel (insurance agent/owner, Core Insurance and Risk Advisors) – [email protected]

Kramer Rock (past owner/president, Temployment, Inc.) – [email protected][email protected]

A few photographs from the exhibit

Reject LGBTQ+ Exhibit at Neville Public Museum

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  • April 8, 2024 at 3:49 am

    Pure evil. This is aiding and abetting mental illness.

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