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How many more of these stories do we have to read before we are ready to do something about it? Well, the State Senate did something, at least MOST of the Republican Senators did. This past week the Senate voted to pass Assembly Bill 377 which prohibits biological male athletes from competing against female athletes in K-12 schools in this state. All the Republicans, except Joan Ballweg, from Markesan, WI voted for the bill. ALL the Democrats voted against the bill. It passed 21-11, and since it had already passed the assembly, it has gone on to the governor’s desk, where he has vowed to veto it. Here is the text of the bill.

Please call Governor Evers today at 608-266-1212, leave a message in his office or email him at [email protected]. Tell the governor to protect young women’s athletics and the young women, themselves.

Local Republican Voter Takes Action

Letter to the Editor by James Juedes

There is a bill right now on Governor Evers desk that was written and passed by all of the Republicans, except for one Republican state senator, that would prohibit transgender males from competing in girls and women sports and Evers has vowed to veto it and “damn proud to do it”. He went on to say, “I’ll keep my promise to veto any bill making Wisconsin less safe, less inclusive and less welcoming for LGBTQ people and kids-including this one.”

Well ladies, how does that make you feel that he and the Democrats down in Madison believe that you and your daughters and granddaughters and sisters are not worthy to have your own space when it comes to athletics, among other things. We were all born male or female. No amount of drugs, mental therapy, clothes wearing or body altering surgeries is going to change that.

I fail to see how acknowledging that fact, especially when it comes to the advantages that males have over females in sporting events, will make Wisconsin less safe, less inclusive, or less welcoming. It actually would do the opposite for girls and women, because competing against males would make it less safe for them with higher risk of injury, and less inclusive and less welcoming as females would be replaced by males on the field of play and on the podium.

To me that sounds like Evers and these legislators are discriminating against the right to be a female and to have female only things. A person can be whoever they want to be in their mind and we all can be accepting of that. But the laws of nature, which were written by God, will never change despite what some people want you to believe.

So I ask that all of you, men and women alike, reach out to Governor Evers and ask him to sign this bill into law to protect the rights of women and girls in this state. When you vote this April and November, ask yourself if the person that you are voting for supports what it means to be a female or is in league with those that support this heinous agenda of denigrating the female gender. Men, fight for the women in your life, and women, fight for yourselves.

Call to Action: Contact the Governor Today!