By HOT Government | December 11, 2023

Wisconsin Assembly Resolution 18 has been written and submitted. As you have seen, every point is valid and backed up. Meagan Wolfe should be impeached. But will that actually happen? Will the Dems stop it? No. Not the Dems. They cannot. It can only be stopped by a Republican, Robin Vos.

There has been much speculation on the reason WHY Vos would NOT want to impeach Wolfe. Even after he said, “… she has to go.” The fact remains that Vos is acting as Wolfe’s savior … or perhaps he is just saving himself. That seems to be more in line with his character.

But who is going to save US from the Vos-Almighty? There are a few Assembly Representatives leading the fight, but there are way too many of them that are firmly held under Vos’s thumb. That leaves it up to US. The Citizens. The Voters.

Let me be clear. There is more at stake here than just replacing a bureaucrat. What is at stake is the actual integrity of our elections. If we cannot believe the results, then why have elections at all? If we cannot believe the results of our elections, then do we have a Democracy, a Representative Republic? No. No we do not. What we have at best is a Banana Republic and at worst is a Fascist Oligarchy.

That is why we must act, legally act now. Time is running out. If A.R. 18 dies a Robin-Vos death, so too will our Republic die.

Call your Representatives. Call them every day. Visit them in Madison or at their home office. Demand that they support Wolfe’s impeachment and that they refuse to be bullied by Vos.

And just for fun, call Mr. Vos’s office at 608-266-3387 (I think that’s the right number). Politely tell him to man-up and move the impeachment process on to the Senate before he’s primaried.


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Meagan Wolfe’s Impeachment