Joe Bast | January 6, 2023

A Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox visitor recently recommended that I watch a Canadian documentary on Covid titled “Uninformed Consent.” It can be found online here:

The film is two hours long, but it has an “intermission” half-way through and the first half stands alone as a solid film.

The Good: The production quality and pacing are good. The film features interviews with Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, and three or four Canadian doctors and authors. It avoids the conspiracy theory hints and overtones of “Died Suddenly” and doesn’t over-sell the images of people seemingly dying from Covid when in fact they are fainting or dying from other illnesses. It seems to be more grounded in empirical research, showing many studies and reports with key language highlighted for the audience. The talking heads are also given a lot of time to make their points, and they seem credible and reasonable.

The Bad: Many of the studies and “news” stories that feature prominently in the movie appear and disappear on the screen too quickly for viewers to judge their credibility. In fact, a good many of them are from anti-vax blogs and websites, including Robert Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense and Vaccine Choice Canada, and NOT medical journals, though the articles are reporting on findings in medical journals. This is better than the “proof by anecdote” that “Died Suddenly” tries to pull off, but maybe not by enough.

The opening (long and melodramatic) scene features gut-wrenching testimony by a man grieving the loss of his wife. Only late in the film do we learn that she committed suicide, apparently due to being bullied at her job for not wanting to get vaccinated. The story illustrates the human suffering caused by vaccine mandates, for sure, but the anecdote doesn’t have much to do with ”consent” or vaccine safety and is inconsistent with the movie’s pretense of being data-driven and authoritative. It was probably added near the end of production to add some emotional spark to what would otherwise be a dry recital of facts.

Part 2 of the movie … the hour following the “intermission”… tries to answer the questions of why and how the greatest propaganda scam in human history was possible. It scores some points against Big Pharma and liberal elites, but it seems to give credit to conspiracy theories and maybe exaggerates the threat to human liberty. It takes a famous quotation by Bill Gates out of context, and more than once. That’s a red flag.

There are fewer negative reviews online of this movie than of “Sudden Death.” One substantial review was mostly respectful, even though the author claims Covid vaccines are the most closely studied vaccines ever, that the examination has been public, and that the “scientific consensus” is that the vaccines are safe and effective. If those three points were true, I would advise against watching this film, but many news stories, commentaries, and hearings (such as the recent one held by Sen. Johnson) directly contradict the movie reviewer’s claims.

This film does provide a lot of evidence supporting our concerns over vaccine safety.  I believe the passage of time has been kind to Covid vaccine skeptics, as the CDC, WHO, and FDA have all been forced to admit that the vaccines are not as safe or effective as once advertised.

Movie Review: Uninformed Consent