Joe Bast | December 23, 2022

Diane and I just watched “Died Suddenly,” which is streaming on Rumble at You don’t need an account to watch it. It is just over one hour long.

My initial impression of it was good.

I think the video quality is excellent, the range of guests and their credibility is very good, the images of sudden death and the extraction of blood clots (“amyloid protein structures”) from cadavers is truly disturbing. Near the end there is a discussion of miscarriages and infant deformities that is absolutely shocking. On the bright side, it ends with Dolly Parton singing “get vaccinated” to the tune of “Jolene.”

After viewing it, the one negative thing about the film that raised some concern was the opening five- or six-minute montage of images supporting the theme that we are being lied to about many things and the Covid shots are part of a long-term disinformation campaign conducted against the American people by their government and global elites. That might very well be true, but among the images are the Kennedy assassination, 911, the lunar landing, Big Foot, Jeffrey Epstein, UFOs, and I forget what else, which suggest “conspiracy theories” that some viewers  might think discredit what the film producers have to say about Covid. Except for some well-deserved references to Bill Gates and the Great Reset later in the film, these ideas do not reappear later in the film.

I then read some of the criticisms of the film. I am not totally persuaded by the critics. Their comments are long on ad hominem attacks, dismissive rhetoric, and reliance on a few pro-vaxxers who remind me a lot of climate alarmists, who know little of the science but pretend otherwise. One critic is Dr. David Gorski, who posted a long and sarcastic review at, a pro-vaxxer site. It’s an annoying essay to read, trying to separate good arguments from empty rhetoric, but he seems to score a lot of points, including:

* many of the images of “sudden death” are actually people just fainting, some of them occurred before the vaccines were widely available,

* searching online for “died suddenly” produces lots of hits, as the film says early on, but it did so before Covid. The “Died Suddenly” movie doesn’t make the case that sudden death has become more frequent, or that the Covid shot is responsible. But that’s the main thesis of the movie.

* post-mortem blood clots often … maybe always … resemble those shown in the movie. As the body cools these distinctive clots — long, rubbery, and taking the form of the veins — appear. He shows pictures of port-mortem clots removed pre-Covid, they look the same as the ones in the movie. The morticians who say in the film that they’ve “never seen clots like this before” are apparently lying or delusional.

* this film apparently resembles many other anti-vax films that assemble lots of images, representing them as anecdotes that somehow prove a link between death/illness/miscarriage and vaccines, and interviewing a half-dozen well-known anti-vaxxers. He cites several such movies and says this one just follows the formula, replacing the names of older vaccines with Covid vaccines.

Near the end he writes,

The odd thing is, as these films tend to go Died Suddenly is actually remarkably data-free. Don’t get me wrong. There aren’t good data to support the narrative of “depopulation” due to the vaccinated “dying suddenly,” but usually conspiracy theorists can find data that they can torture until there is a “confession”. That’s why I had expected way more graphs and appeals to “excess mortality” than I got. What this movie turns out to feature are pretty much just interviews with conspiracy theorists, who cited cherry-picked anecdotes and their own selective memory to make their cases. Unfortunately, the moviemaking is pretty slick, and if you don’t recognize the blatantly fallacious arguments I can see how it might be persuasive to those predisposed to believe COVID-19 vaccines are harmful or even deadly.

As I said at the beginning of this review, I’m not entirely convinced by the pro-vaxxers, but I found enough substance in Gorski’s review to change my mind about how good the movie is.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s recent hearing on Covid vaccines, on the other hand, was entirely believable, with real experts and lots of real data, not just anecdotes. But the video of that hearing is three hours long. See .

Movie Review: Died Suddenly