By Steve Paske | December 24, 2022

The cold snap has given me some time to stop moving and sit still. I think sitting still has become a lost art. And I don’t mean just sitting and not moving, but I mean putting the devices and magazines and other media aside for a few moments. Along with sitting still I believe thinking has become a lost art as well. Many, if not most folks, are moving so fast and being bombarded with messages about what to think, that they’ve forgotten how to actually process the sensory input on their own. Having thoughts is not thinking. Thinking requires contemplation of our thoughts about sensory input in order to make best sense of and use of the inputs. Things that support my theory on the lost art of thinking are: Passing of the Omnibus spending bill, continued material and financial support for Ukraine, unchecked illegal (yes, I said illegal) immigration at our southwest border, all things associated with the Governments’ COVID narrative and shots, election law violations and administrative malfeasance, just to name a few. Because if we would think about these things we would have more people that are awakened to the tyranny that is running rampant at the federal government level and the irresponsible, if not actually incompetent, leadership at our local level.

School districts are spending millions of dollars, our tax dollars, on anything that can be remotely linked to COVID because the federal government gave it to them via the state departments of education. County boards spending hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars extolling the benefits of being vaxed and boosted so that they are eligible for more tax dollars for other programs. Literally killing people for money, doing exactly the same thing “modern” medicine is doing along with Big Pharma. And the lack of thinking by We the People allows it to go unchecked. Why? There’s the million-dollar question. Is it rampant consumerism? Addiction to sports? Addiction to computer gaming? Addiction to drugs? Porn? Social media? All of the above? We are so buried by sensory input that there’s no time to process the thoughts we have, we react without thinking, many of us. We follow the herd. Lemmings.

And so it seems appropriate this Christmas Eve Day to point back, and forward, to the One that wasn’t afraid to think. Wasn’t afraid to go against the cultural narratives that were leading folks to destruction. Wasn’t afraid to instruct on how to think, in fact using parables to make people think about what He was saying. Truth got Him in trouble, and if it got Him in trouble, it will get us in trouble too. But only for a while, “a while” is a unit of time, meaning it only exists in time. Jesus Christ: the Way, the Truth and the Life transcends time and promises the same for all who confess Him as Lord and Savior. We must not be afraid of thinking, arriving at truth, and then speaking the truth. To shrink back is to concede, but the One whose birthday we celebrate tomorrow commands us to go forth. You can’t have Easter without Christmas, and Easter is about light defeating darkness, Truth defeating deceit, love overcoming hate and life overcoming death.

Sit still over the next week. Gather your thoughts and think. Think Truth, think strength, think victory, through Jesus Christ the King of kings.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas