By Steve Paske | September 4, 2022

It seems appropriate this Labor Day weekend to reach out to our subscribers and members with a newsletter. The hard work of laborers is what built this great nation we call home. From the earliest settlers clearing acreage of trees and stumps to farm crops to the blacksmiths, mill operators, coopers and merchants that kept them supplied with what they needed to do it.

Then there was the industrial revolution when steam and steel powered and created machines and the ability to mass produce products and create national wealth. Lumberjacks, coal miners, merchant marines, steel mill workers and factory workers; by the sweat of their collective brow, their blood and indeed some their very lives are what created this country unique in all the world. A bright shining city on a hill. Powered by We, the People.

Sadly, the wealth the People created for those who owned and own the means of production also has sown the seeds of our potential demise. I remember billionaire business woman Leona Helmsley stating back in the 80’s or so that only “little people” pay taxes. It had never occurred to me back then that there could be such a view of others. Today, sadly, we are learning just how little we are perceived to be and how lightly regarded we are.

I believe in Capitalism. I believe it is what makes America still a desired destination of folks from around the world wanting a shot at freedom and achieving their dreams. There are those that would destroy us intermingled with the throngs of folks streaming across our Southwest border, but I believe most are seeking a better life and greater opportunity. I strongly disagree with how they are going about coming into the country, but that’s for another day.

When others use their fortunes made on the backs of laborers to turn them into meaningless numbers with unacceptable carbon footprints and enjoying too much meat, that’s when I start to get irritated. We all are made in God’s image and there will always be greater and lesser persons than each of us. Because fate, or satan, or family legacy bestows vast monetary wealth on an individual does not automatically make them better, smarter, or worth more as a human being. Lebron James may be a great basketball player, but the guy has a high school education. I don’t think he’s qualified to speak about why it’s alright for the NBA to get in bed with China in spite of their human rights abuses and yet call out American law enforcement for much less egregious violations. Sadly, grown men who run around wearing a jersey with an athlete’s name on it have trouble separating athletic prowess from high intellect and buy into what these talking heads say because of their PPG averages or the number of triple-doubles they had last month.

Last Thursday’s speech in Philadelphia was surreal. Our nation’s “leader” drove a wedge that’s already been allowed to get too deep, even deeper. If we “little people” cannot wise up to what is being done to us (they’re dividing the herd) and thwart their inhuman, ungodly, evil agenda, then perhaps we get what we have coming to us. But I am one not yet ready to surrender. I think we as a people, as We the People can still save this constitutional republic. It will take many of us to admit we were wrong about COVID and the shots. It will take many of us to realize that a third-grader cannot know they were mis-gendered by their creator and want to become something other than what they were created to be. It’s going to take a lot of people embracing the need for a moral absolute that serves as a beacon to guide us. And it’s going to take a lot of people to quit idolizing athletes and actors who are simply entertainers and instead learn to think critically for themselves.

It’s easier to fool a person than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled (Mark Twain). That’s because of our stubborn, pig-headed pride. Why do you think it’s said that pride goes before destruction? We need to humble ourselves and admit our mistakes and then work as fast and as hard as we can to remove the wedge driven between the people that make this country great. That’s you and I, the “little people.” It’s not the MSM, or social media influencers, or pundits that earn their living stoking fires and driving wedges, and fanning the flames of fear. WE are responsible for our country, not the entitled career politicians or members of the oligarchy. Certainly nobody is so deranged as to believe that carrying water for the billionaires or politicians is going to land them in their mansions as a forever guest, are they? No, it’s time we take care of our own. That we let kids be kids, and not pawns. Teach them, not indoctrinate them, quit idolizing fools in stadiums and movie theaters and invest our time and efforts in ensuring that local elected office holders work for us, not the next level of government.

To all of you that have worked and are working hard to make a good life for yourselves and your families, I salute you. You are the builders of the greatest country in the history of the world, where freedom rings, rights are endowed, and life, liberty and happiness are within reach for all willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. Constitution Day is September 17th. Please join us from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m at the Sauk County Fairgrounds for food, music, kids activities and more. We still have much to celebrate!

A Labor Day Salute