Joe Bast | August 29, 2022

Up to 20,000 elderly residents of nursing homes (“wards”) in Wisconsin who are under “no vote” guardianship orders may nevertheless be listed as active voters by the state, and votes may have been cast in their names in recent elections. Researchers believe this could be part of a scheme by progressive groups working on behalf of the Democrat Party to “harvest” thousands of illegal votes from nursing homes.

Wisconsin Voter Alliance (WVA) and Thomas More Society (TMS) reported these findings as part of their continuing investigation into Wisconsin nursing home voting. WVA queried all the County Registers in Probate in Wisconsin, asking for the number of wards under guardianship orders in their counties. (A Register in Probate coordinates the judicial duties and administrative functions of Probate Court regarding guardianships, estate proceedings, and other legal matters.) Thirteen Registers in Probate replied with numbers. Those numbers were then compared to the number of voters in the county listed in the WisVote database as being incompetent. WisVote is Wisconsin’s official voter list.

The 13 counties reported approximately 2,505 wards under “no vote” guardianship orders while the WisVote database shows only 123 ineligible incompetents—less than 5% of the ineligible voters whose ineligibility is confirmed by a specific “no vote” guardianship order. Applying these numbers statewide suggests there may be approximately 16,000 to 20,000 wards under “no vote” guardianship orders who nevertheless are still registered to vote in the WisVote database.

“Once we ran the queries in the WisVote database and saw 17 counties with zero wards under guardianship we were determined to find out how this could occur,” said Ron Heuer, president of Wisconsin Voter Alliance. “Judges adjudicate the guardianship orders, Registers in Probate coordinate getting that information to the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), and WEC is charged with entering that information into the WisVote database. That isn’t happening.”  

Thomas More Society Special Counsel Erick Kaardal notes, “Of course, the most important question, the one that pertains to elder abuse, is whether these wards with no voting rights are registered, active voters, are sent absentee ballots automatically as ‘indefinitely confined,’ and are currently voting. Those are the big questions that need to be answered before the November election. Who knows, some of those elections could be close. If thousands and thousands of ineligible wards are voting, we won’t know who won the close elections in November.”

The joint WVA and TMS investigation now turns to obtaining from the Registers in Probate the otherwise-confidential guardianship information. On July 26, 2022, WVA and TMS filed petitions for writ of mandamus in 13 counties (Brown, Crawford, Juneau, Kenosha, Lafayette, Langlade, Marquette, Ozaukee, Polk, Taylor, Vernon, Vilas and Walworth Counties) to obtain the guardianship information. When that guardianship information is obtained, it can be checked against the publicly available WisVote database to determine the extent of the voter fraud and elder abuse.

Kaardal commented, “Our investigative hypothesis is that progressive groups have lined up nursing home directors in urban cities to vote the nursing home populations at a 100% voting rate. By WEC not entering the names of the wards who are under ‘no vote’ guardianship orders, the nursing home directors do not have to be bothered by a question such as which residents have lost their right to vote by court order? It’s quite ingenious really. And the big, progressive talking point, is ‘elderly people have the right to vote’; but, that talking point is simply not true for those wards under a ‘no vote’ guardianship order. It appears there are up to 20,000 of them who don’t appear in the WisVote database. How many are currently voting? We are going to find out.”

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Progressive Groups Are Abusing Elderly Voters in Wisconsin