By Joe Bast | June 20, 2022

Last month I identified ten things you can do right now to save America. That list included the most basic duties of patriotic citizens such as voting in every election, encouraging others to vote, finding out who are your elected officials and their voting records, and contacting them by email, phone, and letter.

Here are another ten things you can do.

  1. Become a poll watcher, poll worker, or special voting deputy. Contact your county clerk or Republican Party for more information.
  2. Check the voter registration status of people you know who no longer vote to make sure their votes are not being “harvested” by nursing home staff or political activists.
  3. Watch these videos: Rigged, Capitol Punishment, Noncompliant, and 2,000 Mules. They will open your eyes to what is really going on in politics today.
  4. Invite friends to watch these videos, help organize community showings. This is an easy and nonconfrontational way to introduce others to the threats to democracy we all see.
  5. Sign up for free daily news updates from these websites: PatriotPost, Center Square, and Wisconsin Right Now. All three offer excellent unbiased coverage of daily political news.
  6. Visit the websites of Wisconsin’s conservative think tanks: MacIver Institute and Badger Institute. They are producing original Wisconsin-specific research on election integrity, Critical Race Theory, crime, and other important subjects.
  7. Sign up for free training for conservative school board candidates and their supporters. American Majority, FreedomWorks, Heritage Action, and the Leadership Institute all offer free in-person and online training programs.
  8. Join local civic and business organizations, attend their meetings, volunteer, and earn a place on their boards. Your opinions will be taken more seriously if you have a history of donating time and money to your church or local chapters of the American Legion, Boys and Girls Club, Kiwanis, Moose International, Rotary Club, YMCA, and other groups.
  9. Attend school board, city council, and county board meetings. This is critical if we are to hold elected officials accountable for their actions. Bring a friend and take notes.
  10. Become a member of the Republican Party, pay the dues and attend the conventions. There is always a battle taking place inside the Republican Party between RINOs and patriots, it’s just part of the very nature of politics. Become a member and show up.

Spoiler alert: A list of thirty things you can do to help save America can be found on the Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox website. It fits on a single page and in an easy-to-download PDF format so you can print out copies for yourself, family, and friends.

So now you have no more excuses. Go out and be a Super Patriot!

Ten More Things You Can Do Right Now to Save America