By Joe Bast | July 13, 2022

Wisconsin’s primary elections are coming up on August 9. Here are some important election dates and deadlines from Ballotpedia:

  •   Mail-in voter registration deadline: July 20
  •   Online voter registration deadline: July 20
  •   Early voting starts: July 26
  •   In-person voter registration deadline: August 5
  •   Early voting ends: August 7
  •   Absentee/mail-in voting deadline: August 9
  •   Election Day: August 9

            Voting is one of the most important duties of citizenship. To find out which candidates are endorsed by conservative activists and organizations, go to and click on “endorsements.”

            In previous posts I identified twenty things you can do to save America. I started with basic duties of patriotic citizens such as voting in every election and contacting your elected officials by email, phone, and letter. Then I recommended becoming a pollworker, attending school and county board meetings, and eight other things.

            Here are ten more things you can do:

  1. Stop supporting “woke” corporations and advocacy groups such as Facebook, Disney, Ben & Jerry’s, New Glarus, and Coca-Cola.
  2. Donate to local Tea Party groups such as N.E.W. Patriots and Fox Valley Initiative and conservative think tanks and advocacy groups such as MacIver Institute, Badger Institute, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, and Wisconsin Voter Alliance.
  3. Participate in “calls to action” issued by Heritage Action, American Family Association, and other groups.
  4. Fly the American flag in front of your house 365 days a year. Use inexpensive solar lights to keep it lit at night. Help your neighbors display the flag, too.
  5. Volunteer to staff a booth or to hand out literature at parades, fairs, and festivals.
  6. Do not comply with unconstitutional mandates (vaccines and masks) and laws. Boycott businesses that require masks or that are “vaccinated only.”
  7. Attend townhalls and listening sessions with elected officials and ask tough questions. These events are often poorly attended, so your attendance will be noticed.
  8. Watch Fox News (especially Tucker Carlson) and Newsmax and read their online news updates.
  9. Refuse to visit or shop at businesses that display “Black Lives Matter” signs. Ask them, politely, why they are engaging in hate speech aimed at you.
  10. Wear your patriotic t-shirts, hats, and pins. Politely explain to people who ask what they represent.

            All the information and contacts you need to do every one of these things can be found, for free, on a single website, called the Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox at It also has a calendar of conservative events taking place throughout NE Wisconsin.

            A list of thirty things you can do to help save America can also be found on the Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox website. It fits on a single page and in an easy-to-download PDF format so you can print out copies for yourself, family, and friends.  So now you have no more excuses. Go out and be a Super Patriot!

Still More Things You Can Do Right Now to Save America