By Joe Bast | May 2, 2022

Liberal bias is pervasive in national news sources, but it often is even worse when it comes to state and local news sources. Local newspapers such as the Green Bay Press Gazette, Appleton Post Crescent, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel are so biased against conservative values and the truth about political issues that they are practically impossible for conservatives to read.

Thankfully, there are a number of outlets for news and commentary about Wisconsin issues that are conservative, reliable, and free. Here are five of them.

Reality News

You are reading this article on the Reality News website or the print edition of the newspaper. Reality News is Wisconsin’s only conservative monthly newspaper covering national as well as Wisconsin-specific news stories. It prints columns and essays by many conservative and libertarian writers who are not already promoted by the major national think tanks. From the website:

“Reality News attempts to provide a forum outside of the internet for conservative minded people to interact with each other in two very important ways; 1) to allow the voices and opinions of TEA Party people to be heard through articles and letters submitted to and published in Reality News, 2) for people to publically proclaim their support of the conservative viewpoint as a sponsor and/or advertiser so these like-minded people can support each other in their business dealings as well as their political activism.”

Regular Joe Show

“Your home for consistent conservatism without apology!”  Joe Giganti hosts Wisconsin’s most popular conservative radio show for two hours a day in the mornings on WTAQ, 97.5; WHBL, 101.5; and WSAU, 99.9. The show can be streamed from the website, which contains a wealth of links and news and candidate endorsements for conservative activists. From the website:

“Reasoned, mature and in-depth, host Joe Giganti digs deep to expose the facts about what’s really going on and how to be a force for truth, justice, and, yes, the American way. Politics, culture, sports, entertainment…there are no safe spaces in this discussion!”

The Center Square

The Center Square, formerly known as, produces a free daily email that is an outstanding source of original reporting on Wisconsin politics as well as national news and conservative commentary. From the website:

“The focus of our work is state- and local-level government and economic reporting. A taxpayer sensibility distinguishes our work from other coverage of state and local issues. As a result of this approach, our readers are better informed about the focus of state and local government and its cost to the citizens whose tax dollars fund governmental decisions.”

Wisconsin Conservative Digest

The Wisconsin Conservative Digest is a website featuring some original news reporting and reposts of conservative news and commentary on Wisconsin politics from other sources. Online subscriptions are free. From the website:

“The Wisconsin Conservative Digest is Wisconsin’s home for educating people about Conservative ideals. Our founder, Bob Dohnal, was a clinical pharmacist by trade, but Bob always had a passion for Wisconsin politics. In 1988 he launched the Wisconsin Conservative Digest as a way to engage conservatives outside of the dominant media and has been doing so for decades.”

Wisconsin Right Now

An excellent website featuring original reporting on Wisconsin and national news and commentary, great coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse case, and it covers the release of research and news releases from Wisconsin conservative think tanks like the Badger Institute, MacIver Institute, and Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. From the website:

“Wisconsin Right Now is a Wisconsin-focused news platform founded in 2020 that offers breaking news and some opinion, with an emphasis on Wisconsin. We are self-funded and, thus, an independent voice. Our mission is to give you the news you won’t see elsewhere.”

For more reliable news sources in Wisconsin and across the country, visit Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox: News.

Where to Find Reliable News and Commentary in Wisconsin