Patriots in Wisconsin are fed up with politicians failing to act to protect the integrity of our election system. The 2020 Presidential election was a scandal. The corruption continued in 2022 and 2023. Without free and fair elections, we will never succeed in getting our candidates elected.

The most promising way to advance election integrity today is to impeach Meagan Wolfe, administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). 2023 Assembly Resolution AR 18, introduced in November by Representatives Brandtjen, Allen, Behnke, Bodden, and Wichgers, offers 15 reasons why Wolfe should be impeached.

In September 2023, the Wisconsin Senate voted 22 to 11 to remove Wolfe from her position. She refuses to leave. The Senate has recommended that the Assembly commence impeachment proceedings.

Rep. Brandtjen has attempted three times to bring the resolution to the Assembly floor, only to be ruled “out of order” each time. She reports, “Meagan Wolfe will oversee the 2024 Presidential Election in Wisconsin, even though her term expired in July of last year.”

Help remove Meagan Wolfe by calling Speaker Robin Vos at 608-237-9163 every day until he brings AR 18 to a floor vote. Tell him the call a special session of the legislature if necessary. He must stop protecting Meagan Wolfe.

Also, call Rep. Dave Steffen at 608-237-9104. He is chair of the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee where the resolution is languishing. Ask him to whip the necessary votes to get the resolution out of committee and onto the Assembly floor for a roll-call vote.

Call these Northeast Wisconsin Assembly Members and urge them to demand a floor vote on 2023 Assembly Resolution AR 18:

Joel Kitchens – 608-237-9101
Shae Sortwell – 608-237-9102
Ron Tusler – 608-237-9103
David Steffen – 608-237-9104
Joy Goeben – 608-237-9105
Peter Schmidt – 608-237-9106
Paul Tittl – 608-237-9125
Kevin Petersen – 608-237-9140
Nate Gustafson – 608-237-9155
Dave Murphy – 608-237-9156
Lee Snodgrass – 608-237-9157
John Macco – 608-237-9188
Elijah Behnke – 608-237-9189
Kristina Shelton – 608-237-9190

Call these Northeast Wisconsin Senators and urge them to vote to convict when Wolfe’s trial takes place in that chamber:

André Jacque – 608-266-3512
Robert Cowles – 608-266-0484 or 800-334-1465 or 920-448-5092
Eric Wimberger – 608-266-5670
Rachael Cabral-Guevara – 608-266-0718
Mary Felzkowski – 608-266-2509
Dan Feyen – 608-266-5300 or 920-952-7001
Duey Stroebel – 608-266-7513

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Impeach Meagan Wolfe!