By John Ellis | January 5, 2024

On December 29, 2022, in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Robin Vos said, “During my entire life, I have always voted Republican. So, I am going to try as hard as I can to make sure Donald Trump is not the nominee.”

A May 3, 2023 interview of Vos on the podcast “Wedge Issues” was titled “Robin Vos to Republicans: Donald Trump can’t win Wisconsin.”

Vos is trying to make unbelievable election results seem believable, before the 2024 elections.

He knows that Donald Trump has an excellent chance of winning Wisconsin if our state has verifiable elections.

But by planting seeds of doubt about Trump’s electability now, while leaving millions of ineligible voters on the WEC’s voter registration list, Vos will be able to pretend it’s all legitimate as thousands of unverifiable illegal ballots are cast to defeat Trump.

This item first appeared on page 20 of the January-February 2024 issue of OnWisconsinOutdoors.

Why Robin Vos Wants Unverifiable Elections in 2024