Great news: The Wisconsin State Senate passed Senate Bill 466, the counterpart to Assembly Bill 468 and is moving to the Assembly floor this week for a vote. This pro-gun legislation is an important step in the fight to secure the constitutional rights of all Wisconsinites. It is imperative to let our lawmakers know we SUPPORT Assembly Bill 468 by taking action today.

In the Fall of 2022, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approved a Merchant Category Code (MCC) for firearm retailers. MCCs are used by payment processors (like Visa and Mastercard) and other financial services companies to categorize transactions. MCCs enable payment processors and banks to identify, monitor, and collect data on certain types of transactions. Before the ISO decision, firearm retailers fell under the MCC for sporting goods stores or miscellaneous retail.

Collecting firearm retailer financial transaction data amounts to surveillance and registration of law-abiding gun owners. Those promoting this scheme are in favor of firearm and gun owner registrations. Therefore, it should be assumed that the goal of this program is to share all collected firearm retailer MCC data with government authorities and potentially private third parties that may include gun control organizations and anti-gun researchers.

Again, please let your lawmakers know you SUPPORT Assembly Bill 468 by taking action today!

In Freedom,

Nathan Cross
NRA-ILA Wisconsin Grassroots Coordinator
[email protected]

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