This is a legacy post dated 2/11/2017.

Of all the groups melting like snowflakes in the sun over Trump immigration policy, which of them do not employ as many or more of the new immigration policies, in their own lives, in their homes, and in their place of work?

For the Catholics wailing and gnashing their teeth, how many undocumented and un-vetted people make their way into the Vatican?  Will you be welcomed into the few “public” areas (much less the private ones) if you “scale the walls”, or will you be arrested?  How many visitors are allowed to overstay their visit by days, weeks, or years?  How many are allowed to wander around, unaccounted for?

Can you can just wander into the Apple, Google, Facebook, or Microsoft campuses, without permission and identification and an acknowledged purpose, and stay as long as you please?  Can you do this in the city halls, state houses, and governor’s offices in sanctuary cities and states?

How many of these groups allow persons unknown to them to freely wander in and out of their homes and stay as long as they want, help themselves to whatever resources (including bank accounts) the house has to offer?  And then demand you pay for their education and “welfare”? 

And if the unauthorized “guests” happen to have a child while in your house or business, would these groups support giving that child constitutionally protected rights to their house, business, and property, for the rest of the childs’ lives.

How many of these groups would not demand enforcement of laws and restrict access if people wandered around their homes and businesses to the tune of 12-20 million unauthorized “guests”?

Don’t be a hypocrite – either support removal of criminals (aka undocumented aliens) or open up your homes and business and resources to all of them, without proper vetting, for as long as they choose to stay. 

The vast majority of opponents of illegal immigration fully support the American dream, the idea of a nation of immigrants, a melting pot, the right of anyone to play “who wants to be a millionaire”.  Support the rule of law – if you start the game by breaking the law, why should anyone follow any laws along the way?

We won’t even detail here the hypocrisy with which Mexico vigorously defends its southern border while criticizing us for attempting to do the same.

And finally, what about the hypocrisy of all the trauma over the Trump immigration ban, but not a word is heard about Obama’s out-the-door ban on Cuban immigrants?

Immigration Hysteria