Wisconsin Voter Alliance is collecting signatures on a petition to remove past drop boxes from the streets of Madison, Wisconsin.

What they’re asking for is not out of the ordinary. Even in the recent past, many historical monuments around the nation have been removed because of their ties to slavery or other illegalities. Why would these drop boxes — which the state supreme court has deemed illegal — not be met with the same exact action that has already been taken against those historical monuments?

The City of Madison has refused to remove its illegal drop boxes from and has instead turned them into left-leaning political propaganda. Everyday citizens in the Madison area must pass by these monuments and be reminded of the illegal actions the City of Madison committed during the 2020 election.

We need to remove these from the streets because they pose a risk for future elections. With the current political landscape, we never know when government officials might try to break the law again. If there is a push to make drop boxes legal in the future, removing them from the streets of Madison now would provide more time to fight the action in court before the drop boxes are reinstalled. Allowing them to remain on the streets will make it very easy to use them again in the future.

Lastly, leaving the drop boxes in place may confuse some voters. New voters or elderly voters may see these drop boxes and believe they are still in use. This would disenfranchise those individuals and make it harder for them to vote.

Please sign the following petition to have Madison officials remove these historical monuments of election fraud and corruption.


Very Respectfully,

Zakory Niemierowicz
Wisconsin Voter Alliance