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Public hearing in Madison at the state capitol, March 7, 2023

PLEASE SHOW UP IN PERSON to the public hearing on March 7, 2023 in Madison at our state capitol with the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules to help protect our Wisconsin children from ANOTHER immunization requirement (meningococcal vaccine). 

Date: Tuesday, March 7th – time and hearing room location TBD

Why: We need to keep additional vaccine requirements OFF the required schedule for school children. We will be asking for a vote to suspend DHS 144 as changed by Clearing House Rule 19-079. This is a vital protection for the future should exemptions be removed in Wisconsin WHICH IS POSSIBLE in the future.

Goal: 100s of individuals and families willing to show up to help protect our Wisconsin children from DHS overreach – just like the hearing we had in March 2020.  


More details will be coming soon on the time of the public hearing, and hearing room location.  Even if you do not testify in person, it is still important to register in person in support of suspending the rules.

If you absolutely cannot attend the hearing in person (and let us be really clear that we need hundreds in attendance):

PLEASE submit written testimony by emailing the committee clerk, Adam Field @ [email protected] and request he share with all JCRAR committee members.  This will be part of the written record.

Please state who you are a constituent of and copy your own Senator and Representative in your email to Adam Field.

Find out who your elected officials are here: Wisconsin Legislative District Viewer

The Details

As of today, Wisconsin has three vaccine exemptions available for day care and K-12 children.

In the event that the legislative majority decides to remove vaccine exemptions, we need the protection RIGHT NOW of the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules. We need them to suspend a rule requiring additional vaccines for Wisconsin school children. This is an action that is going to protect us in the future, should the worst happen.

It is VITAL. You may think that Wisconsin exemptions are secured today, but they are not. If the legislature decides to remove exemptions in the future, we need the Rules committee to have our back and suspend these requirements NOW.

The process that DHS used here to add the meningococcal vaccine onto the requirements for WI students is the same process they will use to add OTHER additional vaccine requirements to our schedule.


CALL and EMAIL your own Senator and Representative and:

Request your own Senators and Representatives put pressure on the committee members of JCRAR to vote to suspend these rule changes.
Request that your own Senator and Representative attend the public hearing and register in favor of suspending DHS 144 as changed by CR 19-079.
If you know aligned physicians or medical professionals, please share this information with them!
Share this information on your social media and with your email contacts!  SHARE SHARE SHARE!
Find your legislators here: Wisconsin Legislative District Viewer

Questions? Please email [email protected] and someone will get back to you.

Additional information:

Wisconsin DHS proposed some rule changes a few years ago that just went into effect Feb. 1, 2023, one of which added the meningococcal vaccine to Wisconsin’s vaccine requirements for 7th and 12th graders.

We do not want any additional vaccines added to WI’s required vaccination schedule, and we have the chance here to push the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules to suspend these rule changes.

DHS has already alerted day care centers and schools of the updates, and we believe they are purposely being unclear to cause confusion and misunderstandings. Exemptions DO still stand – Wisconsin has personal, religious, and medical, however it is imperative we continue to push against any and all additions of vaccine requirements/mandates on our schedule for daycare/school. We have had enough of the heavy-handed government telling citizens what to do.

The details of this rule change (CR19-079) can officially be found here

Learn about Wisconsin Vaccine waivers/exemptions here

Again – we need everyone to plan to SHOW UP March 7th at the Capitol for the Public Hearing. Date/Room location will be announced ASAP.  Please consider testifying – we will help with talking points.  If you do not want to testify, we still need you to register in favor of suspending these rules.  Every single person is needed.

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MARCH 7, 2023 in Madison, WI

**Our children are counting on us!