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Constitutional Amendment to Stop Election Fraud in 2024

During its 2022 session, the Wisconsin legislature passed a proposed amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution forbidding outside funding (Zuckerbucks) in Wisconsin elections. The amendment reads in part:

(1) No state agency or officer or employee in state government and no political subdivision of the state or officer or employee of a political subdivision may apply for, accept, or expend any donation or grant of private resources in connection with the conduct of any primary, election, or referendum.

(2) No individual other than an election official designated by law may perform
any task in the conduct of any primary, election, or referendum.

The plan announced by Republicans at the time was to pass the proposal again at the beginning of the 2023 session, as required by law, in time for it to appear on the April 4th ballot. However, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has not put the issue on the Assembly agenda, and he may be trying to run out the clock on the matter. Why?

According to an email from the Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director, the plan is to NOT have it on the ballot for the following reasons:

  • Bail reform “resonated most with our base, moderate Republicans and independents,” so it is important to have a bail reform measure on the ballot.
  • Voters will be confused if two ballot measures are on the ballot: “too many messages make it difficult for any of them to stick with voters.”
  • Democrats won’t like an anti-Zuckerbucks measure and will use it to rally voter turnout against it.

Really? Wisconsin voters, Democrats as well as Republicans, are more concerned about election fraud than bail reform, and they are not so stupid that they can’t vote on two ballot initiatives in one election. This is a broken promise by Republican leadership, and not on some small matter, but on the issue that motivates the greatest number of Republican voters in Wisconsin.

Please make your voice heard:

  • Contact Speaker Robin Vos’ office (click here for contact information)
  • Contact your elected official (click here to find your legislators and here for their contact information)
  • Contact your county party caucus (check here or here for dates)
  • Attend the Wisconsin Conservative Conference’s Legislator Town Hall, this Saturday, January 21, in De Pere and demand to hear what your elected officials are going to do
  • Bring this up at other meetings of Republican and conservative groups in coming weeks

This message is brought to you by the Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox. Thanks for listening!