Heritage Action

Heritage Action, a project of The Heritage Foundation, features a new call to action its website almost every day. Click here: https://heritageaction.com/. You can also sign up to become a “Heritage Sentinel,” which puts you on an email list, weekly conference calls, opportunities for training, and much more.

The website has “issue toolkits” that provide background, talking points, and model letters, emails, and even tweets on pending legislation. Such toolkits are prepared for critical race theory, budget reconciliation, federal election reform, abortion, and many other topics. (For additional sources of research on public policy issues, click here.)

The website also has a sophisticated scorecard for members of Congress. From the website: Heritage Action “turns conservative ideas into reality on Capitol Hill. We do that by holding lawmakers accountable to their promises to advance the conservative principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

“We work directly with federal lawmakers inside and outside of Washington—the only way to bring about the conservative policies that hold true to our Founding Fathers’ ideals. Heritage Action exists to ensure that these ideals are not only maintained but flourish, both now and for future generations.

“Heritage Action’s unique strategy combines inside-the-Beltway lobbying with outside-the-Beltway grassroots pressure. Meanwhile, our team of grassroots coordinators organizes an elite group of almost 20,000 Sentinel activists who are on the front lines of the conservative fight. Leveraging personal relationships with lawmakers and tools like letters to the editors and calls to Congress, they apply essential political pressure that holds their representatives accountable to our nation’s founding principles.”

More contact information:

Heritage Action
214 Massachusetts Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 548-5280
[email protected]

Jessica Anderson, Executive Director
Garrett Bess, Vice President