2023 Meeting Summaries

Miranda Spindt addressed the November meeting of Northeast Wisconsin Patriots.

At the November 21 meeting of NEW Patriots, Miranda Spindt -- policy associate with the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty -- reported on several legal victories WILL achieved in 2023. These included cases on behalf of parental rights, gun rights, and election integrity. She also discussed several policy initiatives, especially on school choice and health care. Here are a few resources from that meeting: Miranda’s PowerPoint presentation | WILL’s School Scorecard: your one-stop-shop for information about Wisconsin’s public schools | WILL’s YouTube channel: with scores of webinars, radio interviews, and videos reporting WILL’s impact in the courts and new research | BookLooks: not a WILL project, but a great resource where parents can “Find out what objectionable content may be in your child’s book before they do.” It offers scores of book reports and rates books from 0 (appropriate for everyone) to 5 (aberrant content, adults only).

Joan Ellis Beglinger addressed a meeting of NEW Patriots on October 17, 2023.

Our October 17 meeting featured a presentation titled “Freedom, Trust, and Individual Responsibility in Health Care” by Joan Ellis Beglinger. You can find her information-packed PowerPoint on the Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox here: Freedom, Trust, and Individual Responsibility in Health Care. We urge you to sign up for her weekly Beglinger Blast email! It’s really good! You can also read it online at https://www.beglingerforwisconsin.com/.

Dr. Duke Pesta spoke to the September 2023 meeting of Northeast Wisconsin Patriots.

Dr. Duke Pesta discussed the crisis in American public education -- especially critical race theory and social-emotional learning -- at the September 19 meeting. Report and photos here.

Jefferson Davis launches into his discussion of election integrity in Wisconsin.

Jefferson Davis, spokesperson for the Election Integrity for Wisconsin Ad-Hoc Committee for a Full Forensic Physical and Cyber Audit (FFPCA), gave an electrifying talk to a full house at the latest monthly meeting of Northeast Wisconsin Patriots on Tuesday, July 18. Here’s a brief report, with photos.

Brett Healy, president of the MacIver Institute, discusses the Wisconsin state budget at the Northeast Wisconsin Patriots meeting on May 9, 2023.

On May 9, Brett Healy, president of the MacIver Institute, walked us through discussions taking place in Madison over Gov. Tony Evers’ proposed 2023–2025 biennial budget, noting the budget discussion “is the big game in town right now.” Here’s a brief report, with photos.

Tara Czachor responds to questions from the Northeast Wisconsin Patriots audience.

On April 11, Tara Czachor of Wisconsin United for Freedom and Scott and Cindy Schara discussed medical freedom in Wisconsin. Here’s a brief report, with photos.

Chad Weininger explains why he's running to be Mayor of Green Bay.

On March 23, Chad Weininger explained why he’s running to be the next Mayor of Green Bay. He responded to LOTS of questions from an audience clearly in support of his effort. A few photos are here.

Wisconsin State Supreme Court candidates Judge Jennifer Dorow and Justice Dan Kelly chat with audience members after the February 14 forum.

At the Lawrence Town Hall in De Pere on February 14 – just one week before the Wisconsin Spring Primary Election – two candidates for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court vied for the votes of 65 audience members. Judge Jennifer Dorow and Justice Dan Kelly fielded more than a dozen questions at the event, which was hosted by Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Patriots. Here’s a brief report, with photos.

WCC Chairman Ron Zahn welcomes everyone to the 17th Legislator Town Hall on September 23, 2023.

The Wisconsin Conservative Coalition’s 16th Town Hall, held Saturday, January 21, featured seven Northeast Wisconsin-area state elected officials and an engaged and enthusiastic standing-room-only audience at the Lawrence Town Hall. Here’s a brief report, with photos.

Zak Niemierowicz of the Wisconsin Voter Allianced addressed NEW Patriots in January 2023.

On January 10, 2023, Zak Niemerowicz, administrator of the Wisconsin Voter Allianced, delivered to an engaged (many questions!) NEW Patriots audience a presentation about WVA’s work to ensure the integrity of elections in Wisconsin. Zak’s PowerPoint presentation is here: Wisconsin Voter Alliance Progress Report

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