About Wolf River Area Patriots

We, the Wolf River Area Patriots (WRAP), declare FREEDOM IS OUR RIGHT as stated in the Constitution of the United States. We will hold our government officials at all levels responsible for our continued freedoms. We Believe In:


  • Limited government that operates within the bounds of the Constitution
  • Lower taxes and balanced budgets
  • Protection and preservation of private property rights
  • A free market economy
  • Integrity and accountability in government


We wish to provide a voice for those citizens with similar beliefs and to be a source of information on the current issues relating to our government. We are a non-partisan group of people from varied backgrounds who desire to be an effective part of the governing process while expressing our views to elected officials.


See our website for a calendar of upcoming events, scorecards prepared by the Wisconsin Conservative Coalition as well as other conservative groups, and links to voter information, allies, and research and commentary on important issues. We also have a second website at http://wolfriverpatriots.com/ that has many more links to resources for freedom activists.


You can make a difference by joining with other Patriots who share your concerns! Contact us here.

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