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30 Things You Can Do to Save America

Everyone wants to know “what can we do” to save America? Well, here’s a list of 30 Things You Can Do to Save America. Print it out and hand it to friends and neighbors. Put a copy on a community activities board. Hand out copies at your next patriots meeting. Check off the things you are already doing, and get to work so you can check every one!


We are creating a series of infographics featuring the Things You Can Do to Save America. . Keep visiting this site to see and download the latest installment in the series!

NEW Patriot News

NEW Patriots sends emails about once a week to its list of supporters and friends. We’ve given them a title, NEW Patriot News. You can read the most recent post as well as previous posts by clicking here. You can sign up for our e-newsletter by clicking here.



Many terrific videos are being produced to bring the freedom philosophy to a larger audience. Here is a growing list of recently produced videos we have viewed and recommend:

The 2020 Stolen Election


Other Topics

Krisanne Hall, 90 minutes

How to Achieve Meaningful Political Change
Hannah Cox, 30 minutes

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