March 28, 2023 An Evening with Chad Weininger

Our March 28, 2023 meeting featured Chad Weininger, candidate for Green Bay Mayor.


He explained he's running to get Green Bay "back on track," so that it can be a place his four children will be proud to grow up in ... and stay in! As he notes on his website, "As a father of four young children, I am worried about our community’s future. With the rise in violent crime, the decaying of key infrastructure, and a shrinking economic base, our city is at a critical crossroads. And, to be blunt, there has been a lack of vision and leadership from the current city hall to tackle these tough issues."


Weininger said Green Bay used to be a "big city with a small-town feel." Now it's a "small city with big-city problems." Roads, public safety, and economic development are his three priorities.

Chad Weininger explains why he's running to be Mayor of Green Bay.
Thanks for joining us at the NEW Patriots March meeting featuring Green Bay mayoral candidate Chad Weininger.

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